Monday, July 28,2014

Monday,Monday....sounds like a song.  Today was catch up day.  Catch up on laundry, some more shopping, and napping!  I participated in all three!  So since this was a rest day I would like to reflect on the past few weeks and some of  the people I met that inspired  me.
  Generous was the pastor of the church in  Kasubu.  This woman's faith and her servant heart for trying to make an impoverished village better.  She knew the only way possible was through her trust and love for her Savior Jesus Christ.  Her drive and love of God was inspiring. She has life forever.
  Mosses and Sundae are our two drivers who have been with us all two weeks.  Mosses smile is so contagious that you can't be sad around him.  He is kind and soft spoken. He loves Jesus and his life is one of a true servant of God.  Sundae is the enforcer of the two.  Younger in years he took charge the one day when the crowd got unruly.  His village in Gulu was our last visit and he is so proud of the village.  The church of God is on his family's land and his love for our Lord is very noticeable.  He was so excited to have us there that his wife Grace went up a week before to make preparations.  The people of Gulu do not have a lot in material things but their faith in God who is the hope of all was very evident.

  Out last Home visit was to see Doris who was a grandmother taking care of her grandchildren.  She has the faith of a giant.  She struggles every day to provide for her family, her hut is small,  her grandchildren have to help her with daily chores.  She was collecting firewood to cook over when we arrived.  The bag of food we brought her was an answer to her prayers.  She could now feed her family for the next few days.  Her faith that God would provide her needs was inspiring and touched my heart.  She looks to her Savior every day!  She ended our visit with a song of praise to  God.
  Pastor Tim Stevenson and his drive and love for Uganda.  His family have dedicated their lives to be servants and to see the Church of God develop and grow in many regions and villages.  He is driven to make a difference in this world and listen to God's calling.  He has to run this compound while his wife  is undergoing chemo treatments in Canada.  Even when he is not feeling well he never loses his sense of humor.  His drive to finish the race and hear well done faithful servant is one that truly inspires.  Colleen you are always in our prayers!
  Finally my team,  every one who is on this trip was chosen.  The team started out as 11 with the Ohio three, and we still are 11 with the interns who are here.  Each person on this team has shown their faithfulness that God will provide each day strength, endurance, healing, patience, love, His faithfulness that my team inspires me.  Each day God handles the details of the day and shows up in big ways. I love you all and have drawn closer to each of you.
  There are many more that have touched my life and I am forever changed.
  My last thought,  I have seen poverty and disease here, but what I will remember most is the faith of these people that God will provide, and a determination that their faith in not in vain.  I challenge all to look at your life and do you have a servants heart?  Do we notice a person in need or are we to busy in our own lives?  These are questions I ask myself.  I hope that I become a better servant and my faith is evident in my life.  Just my thoughts!   Lana Lanphier

We leave on safari early Tuesday morning and will be gone for three days.  Back late Thursday night!

No blogging till we return.   Lana


  1. I always look forward to reading your teams notes and everything that had inspired you and how great God is and continues to be present each and every day there. I wish I could have gone on the trip as well but I don't fly and I'm just not able to do this health wise. Your message was inspiring and we really need to think about those who we might tend to walk by that need a helping hand here. We all get so wrapped up in it own lives we forget that there are a lot of people less fortunate then us out there. I might not be able to help over there but I vow to do my part here to help those we may never have stopped to notice before . Take care of yourselves. God Bless and we continue to pray for all of you.

  2. That's all we are asked to do is be Jesus hands and feet in the part of the world we live in. Thanks Marybeth. Sending love from the team! Lana


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