Friday July 18 -First full clinic day

Today is Friday, July 18.   Last evening we completed a short trial run clinic at the Stevenson's home. We tested and provided glasses for 13 of the workers that assist the Stevenson's with their mission here in Uganda.

This morning we left for the village of Busujja.  A short 1 hour ride.  (That translates to about 1 and half hour in Uganda time)  When we arrived we were quickly greeted by many people anxiously awaiting our arrival.  We got a late start waiting on all of the vehicles carrying our equipment but we are learning to let God take care of the details .  We finally sarted the clinic at around noon.

Before we started our clinic a small group of children from the village shared a song and dance for us. We were  all impressed with the moves and flexibility of these children.  Pastor Roy desperately tried to join in with the dance but we convinced him that we were not equipped to put his hip back in place if he tried to dance with the kids.  Maybe he will do an interpretive dance after he returns.

Teresa led all of the children in the village with a great rendition of  My God Is So Big!  They learn QUICK and followed her every move even if it wasn't part of the song!

We had to wrap up the clinic for the day at a little after 5 pm so that we could make our way home through the Uganda traffic safely.

We helped 58 people at the clinic today and look to provide funding for 4-5 critical surgeries for cataracts.

Tomorrow we will return to this same village to finish our time with these people.

It is impossible to not fall in love with the children and the people we all interact with. It is exciting to think that as I type this blog many of he people in the village are sitting and reading their Bibles with their   new glasses.  Keep praying that God will continue to take care of all of the details for us .  With Love,  Rob Robison


  1. Sounds like great work is being done in Africa. God is so good! Praying for all of you daily.

  2. Thank you for all you are doing. Look forward to seeing Pastor Roys dance when he returns. Stay safe. PRAYING FOR YOU.

  3. Trust me, you don't want to see me dance! Lol

    P. Roy


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