Monday clinic in Bukasa

Monday and we are off to Bukasa where some of us worshiped yesterday.  We got a late start as we were waiting for our ride.  We arrived about 10:30am but after set up the first person started through at noon!  We stopped for Lunch at about 1:30pm and only 25people had gone through and it seemed like we may not be able to process many today.  Our awesome God had other plans!  We  saw 100 more people which made the total to be 125 plus extra sunglasses for many more.  Here is the cool part, although that is awesome, we had glasses for everyone and there were a lot of happy people.  We had given a lot of readers away and common prescriptions but He found a way for everyone to get what they need.Faith, I have grown to know that is the only way to live.  Every part of this trip God has shown up and showed off.  This is my first mission trip but God has blessed me in every way!  From getting me through long plane rides , giving me a peace beyond understanding, to keeping me healthy.  God is big and when you don't box Him in He will show you how big!  We are remembering the family of Kathy Lawson and our church family.  We are praying and are sorry we are not there.  I think Kathy would tell us, it's OK and keep being servants for God's work!  I love you all but it is time for bed as tomorrow we are back at it again watching God provide what we need.  God bless!  Lana Lanphier


  1. Keep it up everyone!!! Sounds like some pretty amazing things are happening! -- Kelly

  2. Thanks for sharing. Look forward to tomorrow's reading. Take care.


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