July 31 2014 Thursday

On the way to our safari we saw banana trees and tea plantations. Finally we got to the hostel and we were all ready for bed. It wasn't the nicest place but we had a roof over our head, beds, and nets. We got up the next morning at about 6:00 or 6:30 to ride in the van. I was ready to see God's beautiful amazing creatures. Our driver,Richard, put the roof of the  van up. I had a quick idea of sitting on the roof but it came and went until I saw Anna fearlessly sitting on the roof of the van. I sat on the roof with pillows to cushion the bars on the top of the van. I felt like a fearless bird on the roof. I has to call the elephants out from hiding in the tall grasses. We saw a family of thirteen all together. We drove for a little while until we saw water bucks eating and sleeping. We saw a skull of a waterbuck and some other bones. I was hoping that we would see a lion but I was happy with we just saw the leopard. Our driver was even surprised to see a leopard. He said that we were lucky to see it. Richard and Ben drove us right to where some lions were. They were far away but it was still cool to see them walking around. We kept driving in the cool day and I was still on the roof and that is when I noticed that God made this beautiful world and it is our responsibility to keep it clean and heathy. Don't you think God loves us. I mean look at this beautiful world. Look at the stripes on a zebra to the spots of a cheetah or even the long neck of a giraffe. If God loves the small animals don't you think he loves us.

The grass withereth, the flowers fadeth, but the word of our God shall stand forever.
~Isaiah 40:8

                                ~Rachel McEntire


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