Thursday & School Visits

We awoke to sunshine and a symphony of birds today. Psalm 17:15 declares, "I will be satisfied with Thy likeness when I awake." We certainly can agree that we see God's hand all around us... tropical plants teeming with colorful blooms, welcoming faces that beam at us when we arrive at each location, a feeling of belonging.
I've been surprized at the lushness here. The bright red-orange dirt mingles with palm trees and varying degrees of greenery.
And the people! Oh, the people! Every skin color imaginable and so many! Everywhere you look in the city, there are people in the streets, on boda-bodas (motorcycle taxis), and hanging out of the windows of mini-buses.
We began the day with orientation. Our missionary host, Tim Stevenson talked about differences in cultural norms, learning to see the world from a different perspective, and ways to deal with jet lag. We brainstormed different ways to respond to new environments, and sketched out the schedule ahead. Tim & Colleen have been on location 29 years, longer than the current government. Their influence has been a sweet presence here. Tim says, "First impressions will change 50 times the first day!"
Moses and Sundae drove us to the school where Melissa will be teaching. Heritage International School is on an amazing campus with 340 students. We also had the opportunity to see their housing, a lovely place to settle in for the year ahead. As we stepped through the gate, a little boy ran into Melissa's arms, like he had been waiting for her arrival! It was a healing balm, to an otherwise sick gal... she's been out of sorts since our layover in Ethiopia. After thinking through the symptoms, Keith & Melissa determined it to be the side effects of her malaria meds, and switched to a new prescription.
After another hairy ride through the city (Keith says we had at least 125 "near misses"), we arrived at the Kasubi Church of God and School. We were fed a big meal and given a tour. Teresa, Rob & Carol played a type of hacky-sack ball game with some children, and Patrick (Director of Church of God schools in Uganda) showed us the Theology degree he earned after receiving a Bible from Roy, four years ago!
This is getting too long, and the internet is sketchy, but I wanted you to know that your efforts to support our trip are already reaping dividends. Tonight, we had a trial run with our eye clinic, and saw the joy on faces of staff workers at the Stevenson compound, who benefitted from our practice!
Love to all,


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