Gulu - Saturday, July 26

Psalm 26:12 GOD's Word gives us firm footing, and equips us to bless His Name.

What a powerful anointing on the time with the Pastors' Wives! I talked about the benefits of journaling and used material from Moms In Touch International, and Kathi Lipp's book, "I Need Some Help Here!" We shared concerns with each other in small groups, and prayed for one another and for our children and grandchildren. It was beautiful to hear them read Scripture in their own language, and to know The Lord will multiply that in the women's hearts. The Busti Church of God Women's Connection sponsored the journals given, and ladies... you would have loved the smiles when they received their gift of pen and journal! What do we have in common with women of another culture? A love for The Lord, concern for our families, and a desire to connect with each other!

Winifred & Margaret, local TAPP coordinators, took four of us on TAPP visits (Ugandans living with Aids).  We took gifts to each one, including local food staples and sugar, which is a special treat for them. They were super excited to receive other items, including Abbey-Fest T shirts, soap, coloring books & crayons, small toys, candy, toothbrushes, lotions and more. The women shrieked when we gave them hand fans made by individuals attending the Aspire of WNY day program! They just loved the cool breeze as we waved them in their faces to show them how they work. Even a hallelujah was shouted a couple of times.  Some of these visits were difficult emotionally. Aaron is a 14 year boy who has become partially paralyzed and is not doing well. Paul's HIV has taken over his body, leaving him unable to get around, and his skin is falling off.  Deginna is gaining strength and wanted us to know that a rape caused her Aids.  This is only three of the seven we saw on Saturday.  While physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting, I am so glad that I was able to bring a little joy and love into their lives!
Norma Jean

Over thirty Pastors and other church leaders gathered for the conclusion of the hygiene conference and the Pastors conference. We began the conference by identifying the district leaders, to whom we gave Arlo Newell's book, The Church of God as Revealed in Scripture. Following this presentation, we then gave out Life Application Study Bibles in the New International Version to the Disrict Leaders and Pastors. After clarifying who was considered a "real" Pastor, I lead a session in which I showed them how to use this valuable study tool.

Following that session, we looked at Acts 2, and talked about "The Church that God Blesses."
It was a blessed time together during which I discovered that the churches in Uganda are facing some of the same struggles as those of us in the United States. Issues like church people watching from the sidelines, gossip in the church's, jealousy, etc. I believe that it was good for these Pastors to be reminded of what God had in mind when he birthed the church.

The day ended with a supper together before we turned in for the night. It was a rich day that was arguably our busiest day of this trip. We managed to dispense another 76 glasses, Teresa held a mini children's conference, in addition to what we have shared above. A good day in which God was clearly present!

P. Roy


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