Saturday July 19

Hey team supporters!  We returned to the same location so the workday started easier, as we had left our equipment at the church.  We saw 86 Africans through all the stations and getting them prescriptions  and many more with sunglasses.  We came expecting the majority of our patients to speak English, but it became the minority.  There are 52 dialects here and they mainly spoke Luganda, so we needed interpreters at each location.... Sigh....... But, we did not work the details out. God did.  At each place we were pleased to welcome enough volunteers to interpret for each station.  We had not factored that in at all.   God did.  Today a lady came through needing help with her legs.  Well, that wasn't something I could help with, but Pastor Roy stepped in and anointed and prayed to the Great Healer.  God has provided ways to grow our faith as we have seen so many needs met.  There was no internet for 3 days.  When I came, I thought there would be no phone or internet service.  As we have driven around from place to place, it still surprises me to see the internet ads everywhere in the city streets and to see people in the villages who have a cell phone.  We returned late to our mission house, did dinner together and devotions and then practiced singing for church tomorrow.
"When I said, my foot slippeth, Thy mercy , O Lord, held me up."  Psalm 94:18



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