Now Is The Time Of Worship

July 27,  2014

Sunday began with an early breakfast.  Sundae had to pick up 8 goats.  We were giving them to members of the church that were in need.  Never saw how he got them there.   It kind of made me chuckle inside.   We were wrapping up our time there.  It would be hard to leave.  We had been there for three days and had started to build relationships with people there.  For each one of us, I am sure there is at least one person that is imprinted on our mind.  For me... It was Oketbush.   Better known as Bush.  Every day when we arrived it seemed as though we sought each other out.   Then everything was going to be okay.  He was about ten.  He became my interpreter.  He was a leader amongst the crowd of children.  He translated for me, organized activities, and helped me pass out candy which was a hard task to do.   The other children looked up to him.  This young man had no one to support him so he could not go to school.  Like many of the other children.  Somehow he learned how to read.  The book he chose to read was the Bible.  Amazing!

It was a time of to worship.  Music playing...  People dancing...  The Word of God proclaimed...  Two very distinct people groups coming together to worship as one.  Joy and excitement was in the air.  Anticipation to have a meeting with The Lord.  In appreciation for the work we had done there, they gave us a goat.  The question that ran through my mind was, "How do we get the goat to Kampala".  That was simple.... On the top of  our vehicle.  It was a eight hour trip back to Kampala.  It was an interesting ride home.  We picked up chickens along the way.  I have to admit this is something I will never forget.

In all it's forms... today was a day of worship!!!



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