Worship Ugandan Style

Sunday, July 20

The internet was down for the weekend, and our posts were lost in cyberspace on Monday, so hopefully these messages will reach you this time...

After a breakfast of crepes with Nutella, we split into groups and headed to two different churches.  Rob and I, along with Sally, Norma Jean, and Donna went to Mutunga Chuch of God with Logan Stevenson.  The rest of the group attended Bakasa Church of God.  When we arrived at church, we were greeted at the van with joyful tribal shrieking.  They were so excited to see us!  We were escorted to the first two rows of chairs where worship had already begun.  These people really know how to praise God with song and dance... Lots of dancing!  A group of children sang and danced, another group performed a dance, and a young man wearing a "Snowboarder" shirt danced also.  We're certain that he has never hit the slopes, but after seeing his moves, Sally said she's pretty sure that Michael Jackson is from Uganda!  For our portion of the service, Logan introduced us, Sally brought greetings from our churches, Donna shared a testimony, and we sang two songs (with no dancing).  Rob gave the message on compassion based on the story of the feeding of 5,000, and at the end of the service, we were able to present Pastor Pia with a Life Application Study Bible.  She was thrilled, and plans to be the first in line at the eye clinic on Monday so she can receive a pair of glasses to help her read it!
 Carol Robison

Our group ( Keith, Roy, Anna, Lana, Teresa, Rachel, Colleen, Madison (the interns)  & I) all went to the Bakasa Church of God. We loved the way they worship! So much joy & expression! And dance! There were two children's choirs & then a men's choir. Then they had a couple that just got engaged so the brought them in front of the church with great song & dance, then prayed over them! It was very cool to see the importance they place on marriage. (I talked to the man later & he told me he had to pay a bride price of 7 cows for his bride.)
Keith preached a sermon- also on the feeding of the 5000- just like Rob- planned by God I guess...
He did a great job making the sermon very interactive using three boys from the crowd.
Pastor Roy also presented the pastor (John) with a bible. He was thrilled! It was such an honor and a blessing to worship with these wonderful people!
Melissa. McEntire


  1. Great to hear from both of you! I am amazed over and over again (but not surprised) at the way God is directing this mission. Blessings to all of you!

  2. Love to read all your daily activities. Hopefully we will get to see more pictures of all the great things you are all doing. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Thanx Kelly & Marybeth! It helps to know you're traveling with us vicariously!


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