In the Shade

Wednesday, July 30, 2014
The graceful lifting of the elephant's ears works to cool down his body temperature. The slinky body of the crocodile slides into the murky waters. The hippos lounge peacefully next to the equally powerful water buffalo. And the lioness wanders from the hot sun to the cool thicket.
All things wild come to a resting point under the hot African sun, and we are doing the same. Our work has halted and we are regrouping before our transition back to home.
What have we learned, while in Uganda?
1.  God Cares. We saw the poorest of the poor and those who came to help them. There are no government agencies to bail them out, but people like you and me who come in the Name of Love. We are the hands and feet of Jesus.
2.  God Calls.  Most everyone I know feels insignificant to world events. Yet The Lord anoints each of us daily to be His ambassador to a hurting world.
3.  God Provides.  On the days we felt like we had nothing left to give, He replenished our stores... both emotionally and physically. Even when we thought our supply of eyeglasses was too low to be sufficient.
How will you respond to the God who cares, who calls and who provides? He alone is adequate to meet your needs. Abundantly!


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